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High Performance Motor Oil 0W-40

High Performance Motor Oil 0W-40

High Performance Motor Oil API LICENSED MOTOR OIL Royal Purple® High Performance Motor Oil combines premium base oils with proprietary additive technologies to create a high performance synthetic engine oil that optimizes performance and protection. Royal Purple® High Performance Motor Oils carry the current API and ILSAC engine oil licenses, as well as the GM dexos1™* gasoline engine oil approval. ILSAC GF-6 AND GM DEXOS1 Modern gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines have achieved levels of power and fuel economy never before possible in passenger car engines. As a result, smaller engines operate at much higher loads across all engine speeds. This has caused increased wear in critical areas of the engine, and created a destructive phenomenon called low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI). The unique, state-of-the-art additive technology in Royal Purple High Performance engine oils is designed specifically to address these issues, and help engines maintain performance and reliability.

  • BETTER WEAR PROTECTION – Prevents valve-train and chain wear beyond both GM dexos1™* and ILSAC GF-6 specifications
  • INCREASED PROTECTION AGAINST LSPI – Advanced additive chemistry helps reduce Low Speed Pre-Ignition in today’s turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection engines.
  • INCREASED FUEL EFFICIENCY – A low coefficient of friction results in optimized fuel efficiency (the fuel economy of our 5W-30 meets the fuel economy requirements of a 5W-20 oil)
  • BETTER PROTECTION FOR VEHICLE EXHAUST EMISSIONS EQUIPMENT – Patented anti-wear additive chemistry minimizes the harmful effects exhaust gases pose to the catalyst
  • IMPROVED COMPATIBILITY WITH FUELS CONTAINING ETHANOL – Patented additive technology prevents the white sludge and lubrication starvation that can occur with higher concentration gasoline-ethanol blends
  • SUPERIOR CORROSION PROTECTION – No rust observed in standard industry testing



High Performance Motor Oil 0W-40


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